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I Will Not Yield

Elected officials Rep. Sean Duffy, Rep. Peter DeFazio, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, and Rep. Scott Garrett provide chilling examples of the partisan divide that plagues the United States. The widening gap in the political discourse is at an all time high with no signs of improvement.


Talking at Each Other

NPR's Ken Rudin, CBS' Bob Schieffer, Former Sen. Alan Simpson, and Newsweek's Eleanor Clift as well as William Galston, Former Rep. Bob Inglis and Pat Buchanan explain the culture of people talking at each other (versus to each other) and how the divide, especially the last couple of years, is "the worst and the nastiest and the meanest."


Is this Going to Help Us Win The Next Election?

Senator Bernie Sanders and Former Rep. Mickey Edwards talks about the anger in Washington over how elected officials put their political parties first when making decisions about public policy.


1979: The Impact of C-SPAN and Newt

In 1979, Freshmen Rep. Newt Gingrich joined the House of Representatives and intentionally took a conservative stance setting the tone for decades to come. Eleanor Clift explains how Newt became a "bomb thrower" which led to more and more television invitations.


The Sensible Center - Ending Gridlock

Citizens and business leaders such as Starbuck's Howard Schultz are banding together to force Congress to stop gridlock over key issues. No Labels, a non-partisan non-profit, lobbies congressional leaders to find the middle ground and to implement reforms that would change the way Congress currently functions.


Senator Alan Simpson -- "Just holler BULLSHIT and Let It Ring Through The Land."

Newsweek's Eleanor Clift and Simpson on the authenticity of candidate messages in some political ads. Simpson: 'Just holler, BULLSHIT, and let it ring through the land, that can be our credo, we may make it if we can do that, because everybody of any sense or status in life knows what bullshit is."


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